Friday, November 5, 2010

Regression News

And, a little bit of news from my side. Just returned from a short trip up to Zambia to be dumped in the thick of things for the tail-end of the SA HORRORFEST, so I'm pretty tapped out until the end of the weekend. Just thought I'd share the success, since Regression has won the award for the "Best Local Short" for the 2010 SA HORRORFEST short film competition.

I hope to regain some semblance of normality from here on in until the BlackMilk crew shoots up to Johannesburg for the first-ever screenings on the other side of the Vaal River. As always, the crew keep me out of mischief, as chief sandwich-maker, bloodstain remover and writer of promotional stuffies.

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Regression, a BlackMilk Productions short horror film, won the award for “Best Local Short” at the 2010 SA HORRORFEST, one of the only local conventions supporting fringe arts culture in South Africa.

Said SA HORRORFEST organiser Paul Blom: “Each year the local short entries fluctuate – one year better, another less so; one year loads of entries, another just a handful. We want to spread the word that there is a legitimate and internationally recognised platform in the SA HORRORFEST to screen these movies, and lead to generating a huge stream of regular and high-quality short films, thus playing a role in developing an alternative film culture in SA diverting from all the obvious themes and styles.”

Ecstatic about this year’s win, BlackMilk co-director and co-scriptwriter Thomas Dorman added: “Competition was tough this year. I was massively impressed by the South African contribution to the SA HORRORFEST. Most of them stood heads above last year’s competitors and even gave the foreign short films a run for their money. The runner-up’s movie Kult Without a Name really stood out from the rest and I’m really looking forward to meeting the director in Johannesberg, where a joint screening of most of the BlackMilk films will take place on November 27 at CCHQ.”

When asked what made Regression this year’s winning local entrant, BlackMilk co-director and co-scriptwriter Ronnie Belcher said: “Regression is visually amazing, with eerie and epic sound design, and absolutely amazing performances by the cast. The brilliant art direction and production design also added to the surreal environment we needed. We also had a stunning crew that helped us create this. As with all BlackMilk films, we tell ‘normal’ stories in an ‘abnormal’ way, and I think this added to the success.”

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