Friday, June 24, 2011

Uncovering Hell's Music

Those of you who read Just My Blood Type this past week would have read about Therese von Willegen, intrepid romance author. Well, folks, that's me, my other half who writes dirty books.

Last year this time I wrote and sold my first erotic romance novel, entitled Tainted Love, which released through Siren. This was more an experiment than anything else, to see if I could write and sell contemporary erotic romance. I discovered two things: not only did I write this well enough to sell to a publisher other than my existing one, but I also enjoyed the genre very much. Enough to write Hell's Music, which I've homed with Lyrical Press.

Why back at Lyrical Press? Because Lyrical gave me my foot in the door, and have allowed me to experiment with my writing and flex my muscles. Another reason: because behind the scenes there's a well-oiled machine and a support staff of fellow authors, content editors, line editors and, lastly, I must thank people like Stef, Mary, Piper and Renee for just being absolutely the best team I've worked with. Ever.

So, without further ado, I'd like to thank Renee for the wonderful cover art for Hell's Music. This was pretty much spot-on what I was looking for when I briefed her with regard to the artwork.

Hell's Music releases early in September and I'm already very excited with how things are looking.

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  1. Great cover! Good luck with the sales. :)

  2. That is one HOT cover. Very nice!

  3. Whoooaaa! That is one awesome cover! Wow, major congrats, Nerine!!

  4. One of the best covers I've seen. Hot, sultry and just a tad dangerous. Bingo.

  5. Thanks, guys. I'm pleased as punch at the results. Especially the fact that it reminds me almost of the way the paint on an old Bosch painting looks. Garden of Earthly Delights and all that.