Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Celebrating Iron Dominance with Cari Silverwood

My good friend, BDSM erotica author Cari Silverwood celebrated the release of her steampunk BDSM novel, Iron Dominance yesterday. She graciously stopped by today to share a little about her latest tale. Thank you, Cari.

Is there anything in particular that sparked off this novel?

Spark? Hmm. I love steampunk and throwing a lady in there, mixing it round and having her ravished by a lovely man was irresistible.

Sum up your main characters in a nutshell.

Claire is a trained assassin but totally unsuited to her role--when put into her first mission she finds out she hates to kill and falls in love with the man who may be her target.

Theo is a strong independent man--rich, self-assured yet he's never found a woman who is more than superficially interesting to him. Claire turns out to be exactly the right woman.

How do you balance your narrative with your more erotically charged scenes?

I told the story the way it rolled out. Knowing it needed the erotic scenes I planned ahead though and wove the sex into the plot. It's a romance so you just have to make sure some of the pivotal moments for the people in it happen during sex. Or soon after. LOL!

If you have to describe the novel in three words, what would these be?

Action, tragic love.

What are some of the unique features of your milieu?

The Pancontinental Mexican Empire has surged ahead of the rest of the world and developed frankenstructs--humans made from cloned parts who are born as slaves to the PME. In this alternate steampunk world the world map is squeezed together and every continent is within reach of a well-steered airship. Just remember to pay a visit to the Hellene Nation where BDSM is the secret national preoccupation.


  1. Sounds like an intriguing read. Happy book birth-day!

  2. I loved the concept of the frankenstructs from the very beginning, but the way you did it, Cari...damn, I don't think I can tell you often enough how much I love this story. Your readers are going to fall in love with Theo. But they can't have Danyko! He's mine! <3

    Seriously, this story is going to be a classic. If not for you, I'd never have touched steampunk. Just not my thing. But you made it my thing.

    Keep up the great work and happy release day!

  3. To think how many great ideas are sometimes spurred by idle wonderings. I remember discussing the concept of a story from the creature's point of view with Cari a good while ago after watching an old Hammer Horror... Now look what happened!