Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Home by Carson Buckingham

For lovers of shadow realms hidden behind a thin veneer of normality, Home by Carson Buckingham will offer a tantalising glimpse into a world of mysteries. Kate Kavanagh has tried her entire life to fit in--and this need of acceptance from those around her has resulted in her marrying an unsuitable sociopath of a husband.

At its heart Home is a tale about Kate's inescapable acceptance of her fate and how it changes her. Her passive acceptance of events around her is maddening at times. The first and only action she takes to free herself is to flee from her husband, which only leads her straight into her somewhat terrifying inheritance.

Structurally this novel is a bit rough around the edges. Most of the back-story at the start could have conveniently been lopped off, with important information woven into the narrative further along the line. The story only really starts from the moment Kate steps onto that plane that returns her to her home. At times I felt authorial voice intruded, taking me from a deep third-person point of view to more omniscient, but Buckingham is a good storyteller with a pleasing turn of words. I carried on reading and found that I readily immersed myself in the setting, which was well detailed. At times a few cliches slipped in, which an editor could have snipped, as well as perhaps bumping up on the emotional, intellectual and physical layering.

Overall, Home is a pleasing story. I wouldn't truly categorize it as horror, more as a dark fairy tale which makes for an intriguing, quirky read. Buckingham gets full marks for her world building, even though the final execution could have been tighter.

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