Thursday, April 12, 2012

But it’s my last one…

When Carrie and I wrote Blood and Fire (our Crooked Fang and Inkarna mash-up) we had originally intended to bring the title out on our own, as a treat to our readers before the release of the two solo novels featuring Carrie’s vampire, Xan Marcelles, and my Inkarna, Ashton Kennedy.

When the chance came to release via Dark Continents Publishing’s Tales of Darkness and Dismay collection, we grabbed it with both hands. By that time, however, we’d already commissioned cover art created by the very talented Daniël Hugo. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, he is known for his comic-book illustrations, and has worked on numerous projects, including a movie poster for the award-winning indie film, Regression by BlackMilk Productions.

We were (and still are) so over the moon with the final results that we had 10 full-colour, limited-edition prints made of the cover before we had the typography added by Dr-Benway (also a stunning artist, go check out his work). We got Daniël to sign and stamp these and, would you know, I have one left (without typography on it).

One, which I will give away to one lucky sod who mails me at nerinedorman (at) gmail (dot) come to tell me who the two characters are in the illustration. (Put “Xan and Ash pic” in the subject line.)

So, here’s your chance to own a piece of memorabilia that will look absolutely fabulous in a nice frame. Plus it’s signed and stamped. And it’s the last bleeding one. You know you want it. And I don’t mind mailing it to the Outer Reaches of Mongolia, either.

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