Monday, May 7, 2012

Born of Blood with SB Knight

Today I welcome author SB Knight to my blog. He's hear to share a little about his most recent release, Born of Blood.

ND: In a nutshell, tell us about Born of Blood.

SBK: Born of Blood is book one of the Blood Chronicles. It shares the story of a family hunted, stalked, and preyed upon by an immortal monster. This prime evil knows no bounds and will do anything to have what he wants. What does this being of fear want? He wants permanent immortality and only one person can grant him that. Now, Jesse stands squarely in the focus of this demonic creature. She, and all those who would help her, must fight to survive.

ND: Was there any special research you had to conduct? If so, give us a bit of dirty.

SBK: Well, the idea for the story was born while watching a television special on the History Channel about the top ten most notorious women serial killers in history. One in particular caught my attention, Elizabeth Bathory. I know, she has been in vampire novels before and actually made into a vampire but there was one small element about her story that capture my imagination. I grabbed that element and ran with it. My next round of research was into different aspects of vampire lore. I was looking for little known myths and the possibilities of new ideas of my own. I also researched the important objects in the story such as the cross and locket. I can’t tell you why but it was important for me to see those items to truly get the essence of their importance in the story. This doesn’t even include the brainstorming I did on character development!

ND: Was there any specific scene you found difficult to write? Why?

SBK: Oh yes, the scene where Sam and Jesse express their love was rather tough. It is more than your typical love scene because of the overall importance and meaning of it. I believe I rewrote that scene three, maybe four times before I felt like it was right.

ND: If there were three authors you'd blame for your current affliction of writing, who would they be?

SBK: Oh, there are a few but the top three would be J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, and Robert Jordan. After I started writing I listened to every Stephen King interview I could find just to learn how to be an author.

ND: Soundtracks... Many authors listen to music while they're writing. Were there any particular bands/musicians that featured on your playlist? Tell us a bit more about the sounds that turn you on while writing.

SBK: I really don’t listen to much music while writing as I do much of it in the living room. I listen to a lot of music while developing my stories. When I am brainstorming, researching, and…well, daydreaming I listen to rock music like Nightwish and Within Temptation. I also listen to epic battle music at times too such as 2 Steps From Hell and Immediate Music. That really gets me going!

In short:
Who're your three top upcoming authors to watch out for? 
Not counting me? Karen Cote, Ellen Maze, and Mike Arsuaga

Your dream holiday destination? 
Sydney, Australia for New Year’s celebration

Your favourite book you've reread umpteen times? 
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Death by milkshake?
As long as it is chocolate and thick

Scariest spider experience? 
I was working in an attic one day without my hat on and I walked toward a far corner. I hit a massive spider web; it wrapped around the top of my head. I felt something move down the back of my head and move down my back behind my shirt. I was scared because I didn’t know if the spider was on top of my head or on my back. Yes, I was a little freaked out but I jerked my shirt off and quickly brushed the top of my head off. Luckily for me, there was no spider on my…just web and some dirt. It was still unnerving though.

Check out SB Knight's website here.

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About SB Knight...
SB Knight has seen his poetry and short stories published in both books and magazines. Now, with the publishing of his first novel he has achieved a goal and dream set many years ago. Currently he has completed the sequel for Born of Blood and is currently working on another project.

SB Knight is the creator of The New Author; a blog that started as a learning tool but has since grown into a community of friends and peers. He is also co-owner of Premium Promotional Services where authors can find the help they need to promote their book on the Internet.


  1. Brian, sounds like you studied your subject until you KNEW it thoroughly. Best of luck with the book.

  2. Hey, cool to see you here Brian! xx

  3. Cheryl - Thank you!

    BarbaraB - Thank you too! Yes, I spent a lot of time thinking about the characters - who they are, how they act, why they act like that...everything really.

    Carrie - Oh yes, I'm really glad I found Nerine's blog.

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