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Unraveling Midnight with Stephanie Beck

Today I welcome fellow Lyrical Press author Stephanie Beck. But firstly I must apologise 'cos this post was supposed to go live yesterday, but I had a small case of chaos. So, without further ado, here's Stephanie for a bit of Q&A about her latest Lyrical Press release, Unraveling Midnight.

ND: Knitting? I'm assuming you knit. How did werewolves get tangled in the yarn of your plot for Unraveling Midnight?

SB: I do knit. I also crochet--which comes up in the story as well. My leading lady, Lucy, owns a knitting shop in Unraveling Midnight. When my leading man's (or werewolf in this case) daughter wants to learn, Scott goes along and does his best to pay attention while eyeing up the lovely Lucy.

ND: This is the dream question for most authors... If you could cast the film that goes with your novel, who'd be your lead actors?

SB: I don't watch enough tv or movies to answer this one well! My favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory...and none of those boys would work for Scott. I do really like Jake Johnson (Nick from New Girl) and think he'd be really great for Scott. And hell, Zoey Deschenell is so darn cute, she'd be an awesome Lucy.

ND: Was there any particular scene that leaps out at you where you feel your characters really come into their own? Any choice passages you'd like to quote at readers?

SB: Yes! There is a badass scene I love, probably because I like to choreograph fight scenes (I'm a black belt in tae kwon do and helped plan fight scenes in drama in school).

There was no time to yell for Scott and if whoever was at the door actually came in, the kids were only a room away. Her breath caught in her chest and she looked for some kind of weapon. Knives would have been the logical answer, but the first thing she saw was her new knitting tote. She’d only just bought the needles. They’d been wicked expensive, but she’d looked at them as an investment and when she pulled them from the tote, she was grateful for their length and unrelenting points. 

The knob on the door turned in earnest, her heartbeats marking the moments in suspended time. No one was supposed to be coming. Scott had made it very clear that he was a lone wolf and had to take special care with his kids. Whoever was entering wasn’t welcome.

“Lucy? Are you up?”

The sound of Jessie’s voice did what nothing else could have done when it came as the door opened. Spurred on by the feral need to protect the child, Lucy launched at the dark figure entering in the house, slashing blindly with the heavy needles. Lucy continued to stab at him despite his yelling. Jessie screamed and within moments, the kitchen exploded into a frenzy. It wasn’t safe yet, her mind shouted as she kept striking out. The intruder was a threat to her family, her pups, her mate. There was no way in hell she was going to let him hurt them.

ND: On the other end of the scale, were there any scenes you found especially difficult to write?

SB: I think the scene where Lucy tries to give Scott an 'out' was the most difficult because it went against what I would do. Still, it had to be done and he made the right decision.

ND: And now for something a little more general. When you choose a romance novel to read, what do you look for in a story?

SB: I prefer an 'us against the world' approach to romance. I don't like a ton of infighting and I really don't buy the enemies turned lovers forever type story. I want to read a love story and when I'm done I want to think, 'Gee, I bet they are the old couple in the nursing home who still gaze at each other and smile.'

Short and nasty:
Have you ever written real people into your stories? 
Yep, most mother-in-law characters I write are horrible people. It's for a reason.
What song do you sing in the shower? 
The 5 little ducks song, very dramatically with lots of vibratto.
Concoct your death by milkshake
Peanut butter and Nuttella with french vanilla ice cream, whole milk, fresh whip cream, mini chocolate chips and three cherry.
Your dream holiday destination?
If I weren't such a stunted adult I'd say something like Ireland or Italy, but I'm just a big kid and want to go to Disneyworld for a few weeks.
What did you want to be one day when you grew up?
President. I'd be freaking amazing.

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