Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cover reveal: Khepera Rising rebooted

So yeah, finally I'm kicking myself into gear enough to get to the point where cover art is finalised for the Khepera Rising reboot. (Time to stop talking about doing stuff and actually *doing* it, hey?) Next up will be book two and, it can be hoped, me finding the time and the wherewithal to finish book three, which is currently in its final throes of the grand finale where all hell breaks loose.

So, without further ado, here's the blurb:
Jamie Guillaume is the man your mother warned you about, and South Africa’s wickedest man is about to raise more than hell. Haunted by the sinister Burning One and hunted by a pack of religious extremists, Jamie’s neck-deep in trouble.

Who does a black magician turn to when it seems like his carefully constructed world’s about to disintegrate?

Cover illustration is by the fantastic Daniƫl Hugo, who did the art for Blood and Fire. (And yes, he's fantastically awesome.) and the actual cover design (and interiors) is Donnie Light, who handled the layout for Inkarna. Thanks, guys, I hope to plague you with more work soon.

Want to know what Khepera Rising is all about? Here're some comments from folks on Goodreads who read the novel in its earlier incarnation:

Greg Hamerton: "Jamie is suitably tormented by his lack of evil intent and vacillation in the face of his growing dilemma. The detailing of Cape Town is convincing and the dark underbelly of the city disturbing in its believability."

Sonya Clark: "The further I got in this one the more I liked it. Set in South Africa, the main character is black arts magician James Guillaume. James starts out as a thoroughly unlikable prat but as he gets more than his fair share of bad luck and trouble thrown at him - deaths, beatings, being targeted by religious fundamentalists - despite his best efforts I found myself liking him."

AJ Hayes: "There are mysteries aplenty, villains both human and in/un-human, dirty deeds done dirt cheap, magic, murderous thugs in a VW Golf waving crosses and baseball bats. Beautiful girls, hookers, kindergoths and one love of his life. Aw heck, just read the thing. It's a grabber from page one to the end."