Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012, the year that was

What an eventful year. And busy as all hell. Somehow I made it to December without a) defenestrating myself or b) defenestrating other people. Though for some reason it doesn’t feel like it, I’ve had quite a bunch of releases this year.

I kicked off 2012 with a stay in hospital, but that didn’t stop me and Carrie Clevenger from releasing our next collaboration, a novella featuring a mash-up of two of our favourite characters, her Xan Marcelles of Crooked Fang fame, and my Ashton Kennedy from my novel, Inkarna. If you’re looking to dip into both our writing to see what sort of chemistry the two of us can cook up, go check out Blood and Fire. It’s kinda Indiana Jones meets the X-Files.

Not to be outdone, I also had a release of a standalone novella entitled What Sweet Music They Make. It’s a paranormal romance-ish kinda story about a vampire named Severin, who’s chafing at being the cat’s paw for more powerful vampires, and the sweetly sad Tersia whose musical talent hints at her greater potential.

My big release for 2012 was, of course, Inkarna. It was my “heart” novel that I wrote the year before, and is the first in what will most likely be a series of adventures for Ashton Kennedy. In short, I tell folks it’s a story about an ancient Egyptian reincarnation cult in Cape Town, and about returning in the wrong body. Ashton, or Ash, as he’s known, seems to be stealing hearts, and if you’re looking for something that’s a little different as a stocking filler, then do indulge.

Wearing my editor hat, I’ve successfully worked on the third South African HorrorFest Bloody Parchment short story competition and anthology. This year, we had eKhaya, the digital imprint of Random House Struik, come on board for Bloody Parchment: Lost Things, Hidden Things and Other Stories, and are proud to present a selection of tales from all over the world. Here’s a chance to take a peek at some of horror’s fresh voices.

Last but not least, I had the rights of my debut novel, Khepera Rising, return to me. Working with the incredibly talented DaniĆ«l Hugo (illustrator) and the super-accurate Donnie Light (designer) I’ve rebooted the first of the series, which is now available electronically (most devices supported, including kindle) and in print. For those who know nothing of Jamie and his doings, here’s a bad-boy black magician and occult bookshop owner who’s everything your mother warned you about. In Khepera Rising he gets his ass handed to him by a bunch of Christo militants.

As for works in progress, I’ve been finalising edits for Camdeboo Nights, my YA urban fantasy novel that releases early next year. It’s one of the earliest novels I wrote, and I reckon it’s about time that it sees the light of day. It spent more than two years on the submission mill, and made it to the quarter finals of one of the ABNAs (I forget which). Then, all I can say about Dawn’s Bright Talons is that it’s on sub. Nothing concrete yet, but then hey, this is how it goes. Lots and lots of waiting.

Manuscripts that are sitting half-done include Khepera in Shadow (#3 of the Books of Khepera), Thanatos (#2 of Those Who Return) and Blackfeather. The latter looks like it’s going to be my next manuscript to see completion. It’s about a (very) chatty griffin who inadvertently sets empire-shattering events in motion. Oh, and it’s about true love. And stuff. If I’m a good little poppet I’ll have it done in time for the 2013 ABNA.

Plans for next year definitely entail trying to finish the aforementioned MSes in progress, and I’ll be looking at rebooting Khepera Redeemed (#2 of the Books of Khepera). As always, these well laid-out plans are subject to change pending chaos. Not to mention that I’ve the Dark Harvest anthology to bring out, and possibly one or two novels I’ll be editing.

I am still available to edit indie authors, so feel free to enquire about my rates at My preferred genres are horror, urban and dark fantasy, but will take on romance and BDSM from time to time. Publishers and authors are welcome to contact me with regard to hosting for blog tours and releases, as well as reviews.

And that’s that… for now. Have a wonderful festive season and if you’re going on holiday, travel safe.


  1. looks like a good and productive year. :)

  2. Inkarna alone would make it a spectacular year for you, but add in all the rest - fantastic!

  3. Not too shabby. And I'm hoping for greater heights in 2013.