Monday, September 23, 2013

Runners by Sharon Sant #review

Title: Runners
Author: Sharon Sant
Publisher: Immanion Press, 2013

I'm a bit torn on this book. I really dig the premise and Sharon Sant's done a fantastic job painting an unsettling future that lies quite close to the bone, but I admit I felt a fair amount of disconnect while reading. Part of me *wanted* ... no *needed* the author to go deeper into Elijah's voice.

At most I felt like I was only skimming the surface which at times got a bit frustrating. I wanted to feel more what motivated Elijah and the others.

Pacing wise, things move along fairly slowly and there's a gradual build-up to the climax. I wasn't gripping the edge of my seat or anything but I'd have liked to have garnered more of a sense of urgency.

I want to like Runners a lot. Really. And I love settings redolent with urban decay as this one is. But suspect the fault lies with the reader – I really couldn't relate to the characters. Tessa showed a lot of pluck but we don't really get to see much of her, while Elijah's impulsiveness often has him acting without thinking – and suffering the repercussions. And I find that I didn't really *get* him.

Still, this is an enjoyable read for those who're into their YA lit, and does a good job capturing the frustration of youngsters who're trying to find their place in the world.

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