Monday, July 30, 2012

Cover Love from Joan De La Haye #guest

Today South African author Joan De La Haye visits again to chat about her cover art for Requiem in E Sharp and Oasis. Welcome, Joan!

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On the June 2 I made the decision to move all three of my books to Fox Spirit, a new indie publisher, which is being run by the incomparable Adele Wearing. Since making that move things have happened rather quickly, including the cover designs.

Two of my books, Requiem in E Sharp, a twisted thriller, and Oasis, my Zombie novella, were released in July.

The covers, like the stories, are incredibly different to each other. The cover for Requiem in E Sharp was designed by South African artist and designer, Jacques Stenvert. Jacques and his wife Anina are good friends of mine and when I'd finished Requiem I asked Jacques to do the cover for me. I gave him a few ideas of what I wanted. What he finally came up with surpassed anything I could ever have hoped for. It's a truly beautiful piece of art and it fits perfectly with the story. The blood on the piano and the font are evocative.

The process for the cover for Oasis, which was designed by Tom England, was completely different. I'd never heard of Tom before. I'm now a fan. I'm not even sure how Adele found him, but I'm glad she did. I didn't have any discussions with Tom about the cover before hand. I only got to see the final image, which made opening the email almost like opening up a birthday or Christmas present. I think he read the book and came up with this amazing image. It was perfect. It's so eye-catching. There's no way you'll be able to browse around any ebook store and not have it catch your eye. It's just so damn cool!  

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