Thursday, July 5, 2012

Revelling in worlds of myth and magic

The below bit of editorial was my appearance on the Weekend Argus Books page on July 1, 2012. I get to chat about what landed me in trouble in the first place: books. 

On My Bedside Table – NERINE DORMAN

NERINE Dorman works for Independent Newspapers and is a published author who lives in Cape Town with her husband, an artist. Her works include Khepera Rising, Khepera Redeemed, The Namaqualand
Book of the Dead, Tainted Love and Hell’s Music (writing as TherĂ©se von Willegen), What Sweet Music They Make and Inkarna, launched at the Book Lounge last week.

What got you into reading for pleasure – and when?

My mother was a teacher, and in the afternoons, while I waited for her to finish giving classes, I’d hang out in the Hout Bay library. I’ve always loved books and the fact that I could discover new worlds within them. When other kids were swimming, or riding around outside on their bikes, I was cloistered somewhere in the house with a book. Throughout my school career the teachers would regularly confiscate the books I was reading during class. I still got half-decent marks, and it’s not my fault the teachers were boring.

What was your favourite childhood book or story?

I admit I was a bit obsessed with JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, but Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern books were favourites as well. I loved Ursula K Le Guin’s Earthsea books too. I am enthralled by any story where there is a sense of myth and magic, and where the heroes are ordinary people who set out to change the world, and are changed by their journey.

Who’s your favourite author – all-time or this week?

I can never truly choose, and I have quite a few more than these four firm favourites: Poppy Z Brite, Neil Gaiman, Storm Constantine and Jacqueline Carey. This week I think it’s Storm Constantine. I need to read her more often than I do, for her evocative, lush settings. I ration her. Although all her books are available
electronically, I have yet to indulge in more of them.

What are you reading now?

I’ve just finished reading When in Broad Daylight I Open my Eyes by Greg Lazarus, and am about to start The Watchtower, by Lee Carroll.

What do you feel you should read one day – but probably won’t?

More JM Coetzee. I find him profoundly depressing. I keep putting Andre P Brink off for the very same reason, though I probably will get round to reading him sooner, and hopefully in Afrikaans. Although I primarily read fantasy and horror, I try to read outside my chosen genres from time to time.

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You can purchase Inkarna on Amazon here, in both ebook and print formats. Follow me on Twitter @nerinedorman

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  1. I'm still obsessed with Tolkien, but my favourite all time favourite book has to be - well today anyhow - Ursula Le Guin's The Dispossessed