Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SA Partridge, Bloody Parchment 2012 finalist

SA Partridge needs very little introduction here on my blog. She is one of South Africa's best-known authors of YA fiction, and this is the second time that she's been a South African HorrorFest Bloody Parchment finalist. Her story, Jethro Mackenzie and the Devil is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at contemporary conspiracy theorists and blogging.

Over to you, Ms Partridge. What planted the seed for your story?

My story is about a conspiracy theorist blogger, so I guess the idea stemmed from my love of the X-Files, which is my favorite show ever. The story also features a personification of the Devil, which is my little imagining based on classic representations from film, like the forked tail. It's a fun little story that I enjoyed writing and I hope that carries across to the reader.

What are some of the themes you treated in your tale? 

Conspiracy theories, theology, the social media revolution and the changing face of the media itself. I think the three tie together so well. I wanted to write a story that captures the here and now.

Why a park bench?

A park bench seems like the logical place for the Devil to materialise. After all, in film, the park bench is the classic setting for espionage to take place.

What are the hallmarks of a great horror/dark fantasy author and story? 

The ability to create tension and fear without having to resort to body horror or cheap scare tactics. The name Lovecraft screams to mind, doesn't it?

How do you approach your creative process?

I just write. When a story grabs me I start writing and let the words guide me. I don't stop till it's done, and then I go back and rewrite until it shines. I heard an interesting theory that writers are mediums through which stories are born. I like that description a lot.

What are you working on now? 

I am currently working on a novel. I am always working on a novel. I have a new young adult book coming out in August called Sharp Edges, about six friends that go to a music festival but only five come back. I have two more waiting to be published. I'm pretty much a human production line.

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