Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Para Kindred anthology

Okay, so some of you'll know by now that I have a story that's appearing in the upcoming Para Kindred anthology that's being published by Immanion Press later this month. Well, there's great news, there's a give-away currently happening on Goodreads and you can jump in on the action here. I'm totally stoked that one of my stories is appearing in this collection.

The androgynous and mysterious Wraeththu have risen to replace humanity upon a ravaged world. Following on from the successful anthologies Paragenesis and Para Imminence, this collection of tales focuses upon the enigmas that might be found within the disparate tribes – how Wraeththu could have – or will – develop in strange and unimagined ways.

Based on the world created by Storm Constantine for her Wraeththu novels, the stories in this collection explore different, intriguing aspects of bizarre mutations and specialisations that have arisen, hidden within the developing Wraeththu tribes and throughout the corners of the world. Shape-shifters, semi-mythological beings, or hara who have evolved in other unexpected ways, Para Kindred expands the horizons of the Wraeththu world, touching upon countries – such as those of the Far East and the African continent – that have not appeared in the Mythos before.

Para Kindred features stories from ten writers, some of whom are well known within Wraeththu fandom and/or have written Wraeththu Mythos novels published by Immanion Press. Also included are two new stories each by Storm Constantine and Wendy Darling.

Featuring stories by: Storm Constantine, Wendy Darling, Martina Bellovičová, Ash Corvida, Nerine Dorman, Suzanne Gabriel, Fiona Lane, Maria J Leel, Daniela Ritter and E S Wynn.

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