Thursday, April 21, 2011

Link round-up, Friday, April 22

I'll be away from cyberspace this weekend thanks to friends who're kidnapping me clean to another province, but I'll be writing on kick-arse travel story out of that, I expect, so I'll let folks know when that appears in the media. I haven't been to KwaZulu Natal since the days when it was still Natal and our dear friend Madiba was only just being let out of prison. Yes. I'm THAT old.

Anyhoo, this week's round-up of links is as follows:

I've recently finished reading one of my favourite authors. Sheryl Nantus's steampunk offering, Wild Cards and Iron Horses, is a lovely Wild West romp. Sheryl stops by Toad's Corner to give a little inside info.

Author Richard Godwin stopped by my main blog on Monday, to share a little bit about his novel, Apostle Rising. This man has done a bucket load of research and shares some fascinating insights into his creative process. Do stop by and take a look if crime novels are your thing.

I chatted about how authors pay it forward, and why this is so important. Every once in a while I get a bee in my bonnet about this topic.

And then, just because I love them so much, I chat about some of my favourite literary bloodsuckers, as well as new ones who've stolen my affections.

Lastly, I chat about how to put together book reviews, because no one ever told me how to do it so I thought I'd share the love.

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