Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Terminatryx give-away

I have, in my grubby mitts, a signed copy of Terminatryx's album. And I'm going to post it to one lucky reader anywhere in the world. All you have to do is read the Q&A below then mail me at and tell me what the name of Terminatryx's new killer music video is. Please remember to put "Terminatryx giveaway" in the subject line and to include your name and postal address in the body copy.

Today I welcome Paul Blom from Terminatryx here at my blog. Tell us a bit more about the remix album, when it will be ready and where people will be able to find it?

In between our Terminatryx self-titled album release (mid-2008) and the "Terminatryx / Nosferatu" DVD release (early-2009), we decided to see if we can get every single one of the album tracks remixed for new creations and experiences to come from them.

Instead of doing them ourselves or only get local artists to tackle the songs, we looked further afield and got some great participants, including Industriezone (Austria), the legendary Martin Degville of Sigue Sigue Sputnik (with Lloyd Price) (UK), Sheep On Drugs (also UK), Modern-e-Quartet (Greece), The Awakening (USA / RSA), and brilliant local names like Battery 9, Mr Sakitumi (Sean Ou Tim), Axxon, iRONic, Nul, and Jekyll & Hyde.
It is rare that bands release a complete, full remix album in sequence, as opposed to just a few of their hits (especially in SA) - but then, we do like to break the norm. The new versions open up a whole new dimension with these songs (that we've gotten used to with rehearsing, recording and performing live over the years), that it's a whole new experience, from dance versions, epic new takes, interesting avant-garde string-driven renditions and more.

The album will also include our cover version of the classic 1984 Animotion track Obsession (recorded with Theo Crous), plus a few extra bonus cuts.

We're aiming for a late-May / early-June release thru ENT Entertainment (in association with Flamedrop Productions).

The album will be available for global orders at and various stores around SA.

Have you got any live appearances soon people should diarise?

We're going to spend more time this year on music videos. We're currently planning two special events (dates pending).

We are also set to perform with Sacred Legacy touring SA (July 1)

All shows will be listed at

You've been venturing into film-making. Tell us more about Virus and what other film projects you have lined up.

I have been at it since the early 1990s (not counting the school years' Super-8 film projects in the 1980s). Our first serious short film was the dark experimental imPERFECTION in 2004 (features as a bonus extra on the "Terminatryx / Nosferatu" DVD release). With our movie and music interests naturally blending, we always end up either featuring Terminatryx in the soundtrack or creating full-on music videos.

Our most recent Terminatryx Virus music video was born as a result of our most recent short film Marked, a werewolf transformation tale. With all the great talents at our disposal (including special make-up FX by Clinton Smith from Cosmesis), we grabbed the chance to use the story as a narrative basis for a music video, and cross-pollinating the two.

So, we included an extra shooting day for band performance footage (and added a little twist as a punch-line to tie the narrative and story together). The video has been grabbing amazing attention, especially from abroad (was requested to be included in the Sci-Fi London Film Festival, selected to feature on for six months, is the first SA band to have a video featured on the European on-line music TV channel etc.) SA's MK music channel is also playlisting the video (but may only screen at later times because of the graphic material).

There is another short film in the pipeline and several new music videos. We're also planning our first feature film screenplay.


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