Saturday, April 30, 2011

A sneak peek

And here we have some silliness in the aftermath of a shoot I planned with the BlackMilk crew and the rather fabulous Lohan and Anika, all of whom really came to the party. Please note: THIS IMAGE IS NOT the image we're going to use. Why all the hassle? I'm wrapping edits on What Sweet Music They Make which is essentially the second title in a series of vampire novellas set in Cape Town, South Africa. And no, I haven't sold the story yet, but I've shot what I hope will be the cover. Even if the image is not used as cover art, it will be printed as a limited edition print at my release date.

The hardest part: not being able to release the final result until we know whether the picture is acceptable to the publisher.

So, without further ado, credit where credit's due:
Photography, lighting and styling: Leon Visser
Technical support: Thomas Dorman
Models and make-up: Anika Molnar; Lohan Koegelenberg
Additional make-up and styling: Nerine Dorman

Thank you guys for a fantastic day and for putting in all the hard work.

Go check out the BlackMilk website here:

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