Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bitten by Khepera

So, this author (speaking of herself in third person) is able to brag another four-star review, this time from Bitten by Books, whose reviewer says: "Jamie is the anti-hero: he’s rude, crude, obnoxious and yet the whole time I was reading this story I was cheering for this guy because for every nasty act he committed, he would demonstrate some kindly deed, sometimes for people he knew well but more often for others he either hardly knew or despised."

Go read the review here:

The author is happy to have spread some "light horror". Heeeeeee.


Now, wearing the editor hat, I'm on the look-out for Titanic-inspired submissions, seeing as the ship would have sunk almost a hundred years ago and it's the kind of disaster that lends itself to all genres.


I'm tired of working for the newspapers. I'm also tired of hearing people complain they can't read my novel onscreen. Well, you don't have excuses. Go buy Khepera Rising in print so I can retired and bring you more where this novel came from. You know you want to.

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