Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cape Town: Khepera Rising give-aways

Well, I’ve definitely got something got something to blog about during the frenetic run-up to the end of the year. My books arrived in the mail today, pristine copies of Khepera Rising, fresh from the printers. And, guess what? To celebrate Halloween, I’m giving three copies away at events occurring in Cape Town during the next few weeks.

First up is the second Bloody Parchment event, once again hosted under the auspices of the SA HorrorFest at the Book Lounge, one of Cape Town’s hippest, happening literary destinations, on October 27. Some of Cape Town’s authors, including big names such as Sarah Lotz, Maya Fowler and SA Partridge, among others, will offer Halloween-themed readings, with prizes for the best-dressed. And, after I scare myself half to death reading a passage from Khepera Rising, I’ll give away a signed copy to the audience member whose costume catches my eye. For more information, see:

Next up on the agenda is the SA HorrorFest, which fully gets into the swing of things as of October 28. Now in its sixth year, it is South Africa’s only dedicated horror-themed festival, offering horror buffs a ghoulish feast of film and music. A signed copy of Khepera Rising is finding its way into the organisers’ hands, and they’ll spread my speshul brand of darkness. For more information, see:

Perhaps not linked to a Halloween theme but nonetheless a very worthy cause I’m thrilled to be supporting, is this year’s Lovecats event, an evening of live music geared toward raising funds for one of my favourite charities, TEARS. Because animals often don’t have a voice in our society, speaking for those who can’t is one of my primary concerns. And, because I believe our sentient brothers and sisters of other species deserve all the help they can get, I’ve done my bit by offering a signed copy of Khepera Rising as a prize, to be handed out on the night of the event. See the following links: and

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One of the questions I hear often is: Where can I buy your books? It’s simple. Run a search at or, if you’re South African, Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for saving trees, invest in an electronic copy and feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you’re supporting South African genre fiction.

Read more about Khepera Rising here:

Jamie will be absolutely delighted to make your acquaintance and, I can assure you, the print quality is fang-tastic!

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