Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome to Cristal Ryder

Today I welcome Cristal Ryder, one of my fellow Lyrical Press authors, for a little Q&A. Welcome Cristal, and thank you for stopping by!

ND: Being Bound and Being Ariana have a venue that is central to both stories--the Black Phantom. Can you tell us more about this club?
CR: Black Phantom is a club that allows you to express your innermost desires, either by performing in front of a audience, or watching the performance. Back rooms are also available to take activities behind closed doors.

ND: How much research goes into creating your characters and setting? How do you bring across that ring of authenticity?

CR: Most of it was imagination. But I did talk to someone that lives the lifestyle so I could bring reality to the scene at the end of Being Bound and for a few other scenes in the book like the taxi ride and what Heather wears. There is a website I visit that gives me great ideas for clothing.

ND: Is there a favourite scene for each of these stories you'd care to share? Something that is pivotal to the main characters in each?

CR: In Being Ariana I think my favourite is when Ellie meets Rourke in real life and of course the last scene in Being Bound. No spoilers here!

ND: Which, of these two stories, had the most difficult scene to write, and why?

CR: I think it was the last scene in Being Bound. It had Rourke's POV and I'm not a guy so it was a challenge to bring his feelings forward realistically. To accomplish this I spoke with my guy :) to get his take on it and he gave some amazing insight.

ND: The temptation to slip a few real-life scenarios into a novel is always there for most authors. Are there any scenes from your own experience that you've reworked into your tales?

CR: Shhhhh :) I try to bring in feelings - like how would I feel if it were me. Actaully, what I will say is I'm writing an erotic horror right now that is based on actual events. Something I experienced years ago and it was very freaky.

In short:
Your favourite erotic read - Wow, so many. But It had to be my critique partner's 2nd book in her new line at Ellora's Cave. I believe the title will be Stone-Hard Love (not 100% sure) It had some HOT loving between and ogre and a Jinn.
Your sexiest song - quite a few. I used Leave Your Hat on in No Fantasy Required, when Kelly danced for Brian and Tauni.
Devilishly seductive food - this has me stumped. You can do so much with melted chocolate. And almost anything goes with wine.
Your dream location for a seduction - either a snowy mountain cabin ( like in my next EC release Elemental Heat) or a tropical lagoon, ringed in white sand and palm trees.
Your favourite perfume - I don't wear perfume but I adore Victoria's Secret Love Spell lotion.
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