Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inkarna available in print, on preorder

Well, the big day is almost upon me, but my publisher let me know this morning that Inkarna (Dark Continents Publishing) is now available on preorder at Amazon .

So, in the spirit of being totally stoked, I’m encouraging you to go and place your preorder (while the book is on special) so long and, if you need a little convincing, here’s what some of my early readers over at Goodreads had to say about the novel:

“The world building in this book is fantastic. A new and original idea, Dorman mixes occult principles with a heart-wrenching story. This is a must-read, people!” – Synde

“Dorman weaves a captivating paranormal tale using tragically, endearingly imperfect players drawn straight from the human morass, and if you haven't been there yourself, you'll feel right at home by the time she's done.” – Serenity J

“Inkarna is truly a one-of-a-kind story and dismisses the now rather common concepts of vampires, werewolves, and even demons. It is indeed the ‘different’ novel you've been looking for.” – Carrie Clevenger

“Richly descriptive and always engrossing, Inkarna is a terrific change of pace from the usual paranormal with its Egyptian-inspired mythology and challenging main character.”

All I’ll add is that I’m rather fond of Ash as a main character. I felt incredibly comfortable in his skin by the time I was done. And, you never know, there may well be additional stories in the pipelines.

Oh, also, don’t forget that there’s a standalone misadventure available that’s kinda but not quite a prequel, where Ash joins forces with Carrie Clevenger’s Xan in a misadventure that I can best describe as Indiana Jones meets the X-Files. And it’s on special this month to raise funds for cancer research, so go grab Blood and Fire here.

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