Thursday, July 4, 2013

Books of Khepera rebooted

It seems like only yesterday that I wrote my first novel, Khepera Rising, which also happened to be my debut novel with a small press operating out of the US. I remember all too well how excited I was when I signed that first contract. Hell, I was even agented for a short while. Ah, sweet memories. Needless to say, the publisher started focusing more on the romance-type stuff, and the agent and I realised we weren't a good fit for each other, and here I sit with a whole bunch of other tales sold here and there (See my new website for the whole list) ... And I've recently had the rights to my two Books of Khepera revert to me, which means I had the opportunity to shine them a little, arrange new illustrations by the rather devious Daniƫl Hugo and then work with my layout artist, Donnie Light, to get the whole shebang on the road.

So to cut a long story short, this whole exercise of rebooting two entire novels basically kept me out of (some) mischief for all of half a year, pretty much. Am I glad that I've done this? Hellyeah. Would I do it again. Hellyeah. I enjoy the satisfaction of being in control of my backlist; as and when other titles revert to me, I'll reboot them and ensure that they remain available to my readers. It's very satisfying to be able to do so.

Now, without further ado, if you have yet to dip into my Books of Khepera, here's the dirty...

Jamie Guillaume is the man your mother warned you about, and South Africa’s wickedest man is about to raise more than hell. Haunted by the sinister Burning One and hunted by a pack of religious extremists, Jamie’s neck-deep in trouble.

Who does a black magician turn to when it seems like his carefully constructed world’s about to disintegrate? 

All Jamie wants is to get his life back on track. After all, no self-respecting occultist needs entanglement with a pack of fanatical Christo-militants. Nor does he want blood on his hands – innocent or not. But the nightmare is far from over. Now a fresh brand of hell is stalking the shadows in dreams, and young women are dying in violent ritual killings.

Can Jamie master his uneasy symbiosis with the sinister Burning One, get to the bottom of a rash of cult activity and stay one step ahead of a nosy reporter? All too soon the hunter becomes the hunted, and trouble with the police will be the least of Jamie’s worries. 

For those of you who're hardcore Jamie fans, yes... There is a book three. I'm about half done with it and it's waiting for a bit on the backburner while I complete two or three other titles. 

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