Thursday, August 20, 2015

COVER REVEAL: Guns & Romances

Finally, here's a little something Carrie Clevenger and I cooked up. We're inordinately proud to present...


Greater dangers than mere alligators lurk in the swamps near the town of Bad Moon; a tough-as-nails bartender finds herself wondering whether she’ll make it past midnight on New Year’s Eve; and a vampire and hunter share a last dance with a gun named Felina. Guns & Romances collects eleven tales of lust, love and violence that cross genres and plunge you into a world of gunfights and action, where the shadows have teeth and love can mean forever – if you survive.

Featured stories:
“Into the Wilderness” – Sara Taylor Woods
“Harris County Corpse Killers” – Michael Collins
“Gloria, a Love Story” – Ackley Lewis
“Homicide” – Alyssa Breck
“Gods, Guns, and Serpent Tongues” – Mav Skye
“Heavy Things” – K Murphy Wilbanks
“Felina” – Sonya Clark
“Not Just Another Daddy’s Girl” – Elizabeth Myrddin
“Bad Moon Rising” – Amy Lee Burgess
“Caged” – David Jón Fuller
“Syncopation” – Marc Nash
“The Dance” – Matt R Jones

Many thanks to our awesome authors for being so amazing to work with on this project. A special thanks also to Mike Wolmarans of Tenebrae Studios for our guns, and for Lucas Clevenger for the cover design. Thank you also to David and The Other David over at Crossroad Press for their continued support of our projects.

And lastly, a huge-ass thank you to Carrie for always being there for me and sometimes talking me down from some high places.

* Release date to be announced.

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