Thursday, April 18, 2024

So, really, how ARE things going?

Last year I decided that making monthly newsletters is incredibly stressful. Besides, who reads the things anyway? I know my inbox is where countless newsletters come to die. So, if you're reading this, the algorithm gods have been kind to me, and thank you for your eyeballs.

I would make personal blog posts more often, but truthfully, I've been running around like a chickenless head chasing after those deadlines that so love whooshing by if given half a chance. And my other resolution: do these self-promo posts only when I have the spoons. Not that I ever have enough spoons, but today I've rinsed off a few and I'm stirring.

What's been happening, you say? Well, lots.

In terms of graphic design, my one big client is keeping me on my toes, and while I do occasionally take on smaller layout/design jobs, this is not something I go out of my way looking for. I'm grateful for this work, as it keeps the lights on so that I can engage in what I LOVE doing, which is writing, editing, and coaching. 

The writing front is ticking along. I've got some short fiction out on sub, and I'm currently working on a bit of short fiction for a creative collective, which is really exciting. More on that later once I've got something concrete to share. What I can say is that I'm really excited to be part of this initiative. I've got a chapter appearing in Afro-Centered Futurisms in Our Speculative Fiction coming out via Bloomsbury later this year, which is Pretty Darned Big for me. I'm so excited to be part of this important work.

Things have been quiet, for the most, since Toby and I are still working hard on our five-book series, The Splintered Fool, of which book 1, The Serpent's Quest, is now in its final production stages. I won't lie, it's a PILE of work, but I promise you, once those books start coming, you'll be in for a swashbuckling swords-and-sandals epic full of derring-do, sassy characters, and cosmic horrors. Book one is tentatively releasing in May. I say tentatively, because life.

But I do have some news. If you've been following me on social media, you may have seen that my novella The Princess Job quietly released recently. It's a little nod to my love of Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastards Sequence, so if you're looking for a short read that promises a little fun skullduggery, then this might be for you. It's free to read on KU.

And if dark SFF short fiction is your thing, I finally finished the most recent selection of the SA Horrorfest's Bloody Parchment anthology, Weeping Walls and Other Stories. Do pick up a copy and make me a happy editor.

Other than that, I'm knee deep writing on a super secret ghostwriting project. It's keeping my lights on, and it's a project with huge scope that's both challenging and deeply fascinating. I can't wait to share when this goes live, but as I often tell the writers I work with: butt on chair, fingers on keyboard.

So, that's it. For now. If you're on Threads, do come find me there. Although I do post updates on Xitter, the real chatty stuff is happening on Threads and also Blue Sky, to an extent. And if you've read this far, pop me an email and I'll bless you with a ecopy of The Princess Job if you're willing to do me a solid by reviewing it.

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