Friday, May 6, 2011

Link round-up, Friday, May 6

Well, some news from my side. What Sweet Music They Make got its arse submitted to my editor at Lyrical. Hold thumbs, cross horns or do whatever it is you do when you wish someone luck. In the meanwhile, here's the blurb:

Severin never exactly signed up willingly to number among the undead, and now he finds himself playing nursemaid to two younger vampires. Filled with a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction, he goes through the motions of pleasing his masters, and takes refuge in the music he makes.
Tersia has no idea how special she is to Cape Town’s shadowy undead lords. That is until a chance encounter at a gig with her Irish group leads her to cross paths with Severin, who fascinates her despite her initial misgivings. After all, she’s just had one disastrous relationship and she’s sure as hell not looking for another.
Severin finds himself a pawn, as always. And no one has shared the game's rules. Tersia offers him the opportunity to right decades-old wrongs and grab his destiny in both hands. Is he willing to take the chance or will he bow to his lord’s will? And will darkness extinguish Tersia’s bright flame for eternity?

Then, onto LINKAGES!!!

In which I apologise for the lack of communication... Kinda like Metrorail does for the inconvenience caused, only I didn't make you late for work.

Then, in which I chat about the cover art for What Sweet Music They Make, and you get to see some of the fun, after-shoot visuals.

Toad's Corner features Singaporean urban fantasy author J Damask. Really, I well and truly fell in love with her wolves. If you want an Eastern adventure of mythic proportions, look no further than her tales.

This week also saw me featured at The Slaughterhouse. Do drop in for a bit of my views on the topics near and dear to my heart.

And last, but not least, I chat about the concept of the monomyth applied to plotting a novel. If you're an aspiring author, here's some advice I wish I was given when I first started out.

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