Monday, December 10, 2012

Two Tales from Sylvia #suggestion

While some of you might've heard of Sylvia Shults's The Taming of the Werewolf, I'd like to draw your attention to two of her other works, which might just appeal to those of you who like their fiction a wee bit on the dark side.

Borrowed Flesh: A woman weighed down with the secrets of her past meets the young girl who will teach her to love again. But something inhuman is watching them both...

Being laid off sucks. But now Claire has the time to do her friend Darlene a favor. Darlene's kid, Melody, has been coming home with some pretty wild stories about the Catholic grade school she attends. And when Melody goes missing, Claire knows she needs to be the one to find her.

The demon Araknagoth knows all of Claire's secrets. It knows about her weaknesses. And it knows about her desperate search for Melody.

Borrowed Flesh ... a story of demonic dopplegangers, the dusty shadows and forgotten sins of a repressive Church, and a kidnapped little girl. Open the book, turn the pages, and shiver your way through Borrowed Flesh.

The Dreamwatcher: It all started when they moved...

Ryan Alldred knew that moving several states away from where he'd grown up would be hard.

He had no idea.

He didn't know about the ghosts.

He didn't know about the bloody dreams that would terrorize his twin sister Stephanie.

And he didn't know about the butcher knife ...

But he's going to find out.

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