Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Girls Who Score edited by Ily Goyanes #review

Title: Girls Who Score
Editor: Ily Goyanes
Publisher: Cleis Press, 2012

Hazards of my day job, I’ll bet. Of all the dozens of books that land on my desk for review each year, this was the last I would have chosen to read, but in the spirit of trying something completely different and quite far out of my usual chosen genres, this slim volume provided me with much enjoyment.

Those who know me will understand fully well that I am possibly *the* most unsporty person around. In fact, I absolutely loathe sport with a burning passion that equals my hatred of pink legwarmers and peanut clusters. That being said, I shoved aside my personal misgivings and plunged headfirst into this collection.

First off, just absolutely delicious and WOW. Although my interest in erotica is cursory—as in I edit erotica should a manuscript get passed my way—but editor Ily Goyanes has successfully brought together a diverse selection of tales that made my little bi-flavoured heart go thumpity-thump.

From locker room shenanigans to love found while running in the countryside or skating competitively on ice, the ladies whose stories are told here are contrasting and varied. What they share in common is the exhilaration of physical expression. And for once I have to admit it was lovely to read about women who are so very different from the world with which I’m familiar.

I will let slip that my absolute favourite-favourite in this collection was Cymone’s Dominatrix. I was *not* expecting an ancient Roman setting and two gladiatrices… Considering my absolute current adoration of Riptide Publishing’s Warriors of Rome series. No contest.

So, for what this collection of short stories is, it wasn’t what I expected when I was given the book by one of my editors, but it far exceeded my expectations. If you’re looking for a selection of beautifully crafted stories about those girls who’re not your typical femme fatale, then don’t hesitate to lay hands on this title.

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