Friday, April 1, 2011

Link round-up, Friday, April 1

And no, in case you're wondering, this is not an April Fool's joke. Though we attempted to prank our department today by having the entire editorial contingent go for an extended breakfast before heading in to work. The reptile were only mildly worried by 10.30am. It being the start of a new month, most of them weren't in until 11am.

Go figure.

First up on my link round-up is my short story, Honour at Stake, that I never really did get round to farming out because for all the effort that goes into trying to home a short story, I may as well write a novel and actually earn a little money, instead of saying "erm, thanks but no thanks" to the paltry amounts the paying markets offer for shorts. But I like this tale. I've dusted it off, spruced it up and it's got non-sparkly vampires.

And then... I make my debut on the ERA blog this week with a little rambling on about my current novella, The Namaqualand Book of the Dead.

I've been particularly good about keeping Toad's Corner updated. Read a very charming short story by Jess Harris.

Then we had fun with BlackMilk Productions making a short promotional film this weekend past. If you like Lynch and enjoy stoogelike humour, then this one is for you.

And if you want the behind-the-scenes details about the aforementioned short film, go to this link:

Then something I forgot I did... A guest blog on the fantastic Pamela Turner's blog, where I discuss my latest Lyrical Press release, The Namaqualand Book of the Dead:

I review a lovely psychological horror novella here:

And just when you thought I was a complete overachiever, I close with a little bit of writing advice for authors, and yes... this is actually something I'm applying to my own writing.

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