Friday, April 15, 2011

Link round-up, Friday, April 15

Toad's Corner featured the fantastic Sonya Clark on Sunday, with links to her free short story, Mimosas at Dusk, which supplements her urban fantasy novel, Mojo Queen.

On Sunday, my interview with gothabilly delight, Jimmy Catamite, appeared in the Sunday Independent's Life supplement. Read the link to the article here, as well as the full interview.

And with this post, I share a little insight into my current approach to publishing, considering all the fascinating shifts occurring in the industry.

In which I share some of the latest BlackMilk Productions links and awesome short snippets: a taste of a peculiar brand of South African indie film making.

And lastly, I share my viewpoints about the first anniversary of the late great Peter Steele's death and why he matters to me.

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