Monday, August 26, 2013

Liz Strange Erased

So, yeah, basically me and Liz Strange are, erm ... Dare I say it ... (Liz will you ever forgive me?) We're in for some strange days. And I'm really looking forward to working with you again. It's been a while, lady. So, with the official words below from my publisher...

Dark Continents Publishing is pleased and excited to announce Kingston, Ontario, author Liz Strange has joined the family. Liz’s book, Erased, will be released by DCP in 2014.

Erased is a work of Military Science Fiction, and will be the lead book for DCP moving into that genre. It opens in a seedy bar on a grungy planet when Captain Grey Singer wakes up and finds herself sitting alone with no memory of how she got where she is, or much memory of anything. As she follows the leads to answers, she finds herself the focus of a brutal assassination attempt. An attempt which she defeats with honed combat skills that surprise even her. She quickly realizes that in order to survive, the ability to distinguish between enemy and ally is her only chance.

As she uncovers more of her past, she comes to learn she was an officer serving under the Collective in a program codenamed “Control;” a program to create the perfect soldier through physical conditioning and neurological manipulation. Failures of this program are “Erased.” For reasons unknown, Singer realizes she has been subjected to the procedure.

Determined to discover who she is, Singer joins forces with the Sedition Movement in order to overthrow the Collective. As she reclaims her past, however, she finds that what she discovers could be far worse than the truth.

“I was totally blown away by this book,” said David Youngquist, president of Dark Continents Publishing, “the action is intense, the writing sucks you right into the time and place, and I love strong female leads. This is an impressive book.”

With Erased, Liz adds another chapter to her list of genre fiction, which runs the gamut of everything from fantasy and horror, to mystery thriller. She has won a number of awards for her work, and continues to grow in her story telling skills. For more about Liz, go to: 

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