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Editing highlights of 2013 #books

This past year I've had some stunning editing projects that I edited, which were totally fabulous and make it all worthwhile (editing, that is). I am utterly blessed to work with such fantastic authors, and I'd like to present ten of the titles (and encourage you to go out and buy them).

In alphabetical order... And as you can see I've had quite a varied range of titles genre-wise.

Ballintyne, Ciara
The first thing that struck me about Ciara's writing is that she reminds me a lot of Jacqueline Carey in style, so I am a more than happy editor to have her on board. Confronting the Demon is a novella about the machiavellian politics in which wizards engage, and the unintended consequences brought about by jealousy.

Black, Sorcha; Shaw, Leia; Silverwood, Cari
Sorcha, Leia and Cari are a devastating writing team and their Badass Brats series which I've had the opportunity to work on has completely changed the way I view the BDSM erotica genre. Their books are fun, kinky and the characters are not only sex fiends but people too. Granted, this won't be for everyone, but all I can say is that whenever one of these MSes land in my inbox, I know I'm going to have a huge amount of fun. It hardly feels like work!

Clevenger, Carrie
Traitors (urban fantasy)
I can't get enough of smart-mouthed vampire Xan Marcelles and I'm so glad Carrie's pushed through to write this little piece that slots in some time after the events in her debut novel Crooked Fang. This is urban fantasy of the highest order, with plenty of blood- and fuel-soaked action: fast cars and even faster vampires. Carrie's writing is slick and gritty, and as always totally enjoyable. Her narrator isn't one to sit about bemoaning his fate as a bloodsucker.

Hellisen, Cat 
It's not often that an editor gets to brag that she works with one of her favourite fantasy authors, but I can. Cat's writing sucks you into an alternative world that feels so tangible that it seems inconceivable that it doesn't exist somewhere. In House of Sand and Secrets she follows on from where her debut novel, When the Sea is Rising Red finishes, and returns us to her world where class means everything, and ... because, unicorns. 

Myrddin, Elizabeth 
Elizabeth has been incredibly to work with, and possibly one of my most satisfying projects this year when I look at the progress we made with Fun is For Shallow People. I absolutely adore her observations of human behaviour and in this novel she plays on the hijinks that ensue when two drama-prone ladies end up as rivals in what two detectives end up dubbing the "dead fop case". 

Petterson, David C
Lupa Bella (historical fantasy)
This one is difficult to classify. Its setting (1960s Italy) but it's also about werewolves, and I can't really put this either under the banner of urban fantasy or horror even. The closest authors I can compare DC Petterson to include SP Somtow and Alice Borchardt (for the wolves), and DC writes with that classic touch I love so much. This is officially the first title I've brought out as director of Dark Continents Publishing's Tales of Darkness and Dismay line of books.

Silverwood, Cari
Bind and Keep Me (#2) (BDSM erotica/dubcon)
Make Me Yours For Evermore (#3) (BDSM erotica/dubcon)
Cari's Pierced Hearts series is not for the faint of heart. Some of the elements that those who've read the Badass Brats series will recognise include the way ménage a trois is handled, but everything that is sane and safe about BDSM erotica is thrown out the window. The Pierced Hearts series goes places that make you question why you're suddenly okay with it, and therein lies the rub. Cari seduces you. Plain and simple.

Various authors
This is the project I do each year in conjunction with the South African HorrorFest. It's a multi-faceted project that started off with the annual Bloody Parchment event that happens at the same time as the SA HorrorFest (it's the literary component). Then we threw in a short story competition one year, which resulted in us bringing out the first-ever anthology. Since then it's picked up steam and we've had Random House Struik onboard for the past two years. The 2014 anthology will be brought out by Dark Continents Publishing.

Youngquist, David
Black Jack (fantasy)
David writes fantasy from the heart, and has an incredibly accessible style. I've said it before, but he reminds me a lot of Piers Anthony's early Xanth novels in this one and creates a fascinating world where the magic changes those who come to the world. This one is a glorious mash-up of eras, where villains from Earth's past are present and causing untold trouble for our hero, Jack, who finds himself reluctantly crowned king and saddled with the responsibility of winning a war he didn't ask for.

A note to authors and publishers: I am available to take on (limited) freelance work during the course of 2014. Please query me at to enquire about my schedule and rates.

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