Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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It’s that time of the year when folks like giving things and these days it’s ridiculously easy to do so (one of the reasons I love Amazon so much when I know my friends have a Kindle). So today I’m going to give you ten gifting options. Some are my own, others are written by some of my friends, and a few of these outstanding titles I even had the opportunity to edit.

Camdeboo Nights was my only novel release in a year that I ended up inadvertently focusing on short stories. At its core, this novel is an urban fantasy misadventure involving a bunch of teens getting involved in supernatural conflict, featuring vampires, mages and classic automobiles. Essentially, I reckon fans of Harry Potter and Supernatural should get their jollies with this one.

Buy Camdeboo Nights at Amazon and Kobo.

Part of what kept me so busy at the end of the year and the start of this one was preparing both my Books of Khepera for self-publishing. The rights have long since reverted to me so I’ve dollied up the front covers with a little help from the super-talented Daniël Hugo. This is the ongoing saga of bad-boy black magician Jamie Guillaume, who tangles with militant fundamentalists and demonic entities.

Khepera Rising (#1) at Smashwords, Amazon or in print.
Khepera Redeemed (#2) at Smashwords, Amazon or in print.

Inkarna has hit the mark with many readers, and was born out of incredibly dark period in my life. Ashton Kennedy is a member of an elite reincarnation cult, otherwise known as Inkarna, but is reincarnated in the wrong body. Not only that, but he’s in possession of a secret that will see him a hunted man – throughout eternity. I’ve woven in plenty of Egyptian myth and magic into this one.

Buy Inkarna at Amazon or Kobo, or order it in print from your local bookstore.

Hell’s Music is one of my romance titles (writing as Therése von Willegen), and I continue playing on the bad-boy archetype when a totally withdrawn bookshop owner inadvertently gets involved with a famous alternative musician who I’d peg as somewhere between Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson. Not only that, but she’s got family issues with her troubled kid sister who has her own love problems.

Buy Hell’s Music on Amazon or at Bookstrand.

Tainted Love is hot and dirty (also written under the Therése von Willegen name) and takes a good girl next door who’s newly retrenched, and sees her finding her groove as a stripper. Not only does she have the moves, but she snags the attention of the owner of gentleman’s club where she bares all. But the environment is not the best if you’re trying to build a love that lasts, as she discovers.

Buy Tainted Love on Amazon, Bookstrand and Kobo.

I must make mention of Cari Silverwood now. I’ve had the pleasure of editing her Pierced Hearts series of BDSM erotica. She’s got book three, Make Me Yours Evermore, out this month but if you’re looking for top-shelf dubcon sizzlers, you cannot go wrong with this series. She gets into the hearts and souls of her characters, so much so that she completely subverts your loyalties by the last page.

Take Me, Break Me #1
Bind and Keep Me #2
Make Me Yours Evermore #3

Carrie Clevenger’s the mistress who brought the vampire Xan Marcelles into my life, and she’s recently celebrated the release of a novella, Traitors, which follows on after the happenings of her debut novel, Crooked Fang. If you’re looking for high-octane, bullet-riddled and blood-drenched vampire action, then this story will hit the mark. Xan is one of my all-time favourite narrators, and I love his dry humour.

Buy Traitors on Amazon.

The Circle: Blood Gift by Amy Lee Burgess has been a long time coming. I first encountered the story when she released it as a blog serial. Several hundred thousand words and a number of revisions later, she’s got this awesome novel unleashed upon the world. Becoming a vampire doesn’t solve the protagonist’s problems, and she must work through her past in order to claim her future.

Buy The Circle: Blood Gift on Amazon.

Trancehack by Sonya Clark is what happens when an author says “Screw it, I’m writing the novel I want to read.” I’m so happy for her that she’s had this success with this awesome story where magic users are marginalised in an uneasy, near future. While you’re at it, go check out her Mojo series. She has a way with music, magic and words that will enchant you.

Buy Trancehack on Amazon.

House of Sand and Secrets by Cat Hellisen follows on from her debut novel, When the Sea is Rising Red. It’s a lush, evocative fantasy read set in a world where your caste is everything, and a wealthy heiress does her social standing much damage by her unfortunate choice in marriage. Hellisen’s writing harks back to classic fantasy styles, and will draw you away from the humdrum of real life for a while.

Buy House of Sand and Secrets on Amazon.

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