Thursday, July 31, 2014

Luna's Children: a moment with JM Perkins

For countless centuries, mankind has watched as the sun goes down knowing that Luna will rise in its place, to rain her brilliant shards of light upon the Earth. But for the cursed and afflicted, that silvery orb brings horror and death.

Luna's Children Stranger Worlds and Full Moon Mayhem will offer a range of tales featuring the werewolf, a perennial favourite. Today's guest is contributor JM Perkins.

Excerpt from "The Sponsor"

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,Courage to change the things I can,And wisdom to know the difference.A haggard, tired-looking man stood center in a ring of battered metal folding chairs filled with people. The sitters looked up at him, expectant.  James hesitated before speaking.
"Hello. My name is James and I'm a... we... wer. God I can't even say it."
Susan nodded, encouraging him.
"My name is James and I'm a werewolf."
"Hi James," said the group.

JM Perkins is a San Diego-based genre fiction writer and former survivalist with over a dozen of his short stories sold, published, printed and adapted: on the web, in print anthologies, and on Public Radio International. He used a successful kickstarter campaign to publish his first novel, and cohosts the podcast 'John vs Patrick.'
This story was inspired by the Serenity prayer and the concept that Werewolf was mythologically inspired by ancient reactions to PTSD.
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