Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dawn's Bright Talons – cover reveal

Okay, I've been like a schoolgirl crushing on Johnny Depp's lovechild with Brad Pitt about this cover. The release date for my dark fantasy novel Dawn's Bright Talons is still to be established. I'm currently busy with second-round edits and, after that, we'll still wrap the rest of the details for production, like the blurb and all the rest. I reckon the picture speaks for itself when we're looking at what the novel's all about. Okay, folks, meet Michel Roux and Isabeau Letier, vampire and dhampir respectively. Illustration is by the rather talented Nathalia Suellen, an internationally renowned artist. Typographical treatment is by the very patient David Dodd, who put up with my bitching until I was totally happy. The man deserves a medal.

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